Hausmate makes it easy to integrate many different access solutions using gates or door locks and CCTV. Knowing who is at the door gives you better security and is also a real convenience. Hausmate uses internet compatible SIP devices to route intercom calls around phones, handsets or connected devices and can flash Hazes to indicate a visitor. If CCTV is included, the feed from the camera can also be accessed through Hausmate. Suitable intercom systems include mic/speaker, keypad and video units.

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Hausmate has the ability to link almost any amplifier, digital to analogue converter (DAC) and speaker up to a fully integrated multi-room audio system. Audio systems are accessible via any device that can connect up to the web and through our own wall-mounted interface, the Haze. The system is fully wired, and options are available depending on budget and preferences.

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Electrical Wiring

Hausmate electrical design provides a complete schedule for an installer or electrician. All items covered in this section are required for the electrician but are not directly controlled by Hausmate.

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Hausmate works with many types of faceplates for light switches, from rocker switches to push switches and halo switches. Our installation designs also incorporate many different sockets for purposes including mains power, network, antenna and telephone connection. The Hausmate Haze looks and feels like a standard lighting dimmer switch, but is much more, able to control the services in the room (lighting, curtains, music player etc), Its illuminated collar is also used to provide feedback from your Hausmate system and can be configured, for example, to flash red if the front door is left open.

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BIM objects for Fire

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Foundation includes all the Hausmate control hardware required in a project. This includes the gateways and relay units that carry and interpret signals from the Hausmate products to the Hausmate Host and back again.

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BIM objects for Heating

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BIM objects for Lighting

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A Hausmate installation design includes all networking requirements such as wireless access points and other integral networking equipment. Centralised networking equipment is housed in a rack, usually in a basement, utility room or dedicated wiring centre. The size of the rack depends on the amount of hardware required which in turn depends on the amount of products included the system and the number of zones in the property.

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Hausmate links into IP phones throughout a property. These phones can be integrated with an external intercom or CCTV system or used as an internal intercom. In addition, a SIP phone is often the cheapest way to call others anywhere in the world. See also Access.

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If the fire alarm goes off Hausmate can open gates to allow firefighters access to the property. If there's no one in, Hausmate can send a notification by SMS, email or phonecall. Similarly, your security system can be connected up so you receive an alert from Hausmate if it’s activated. The system can be configured with a secure mode in which lights are turned off, windows closed and doors locked when the property is empty. Hausmate can provide a video feed from an intercom. See Access.

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Through control of sprinklers, Hausmate can help irrigation for lawns, flowerbeds, borders and window boxes. Sprinklers can be programmed using Hausmate Responses to come on during the summer months or when there’s been a long dry spell. The saturation levels of the soil can be monitored and plants kept watered even when no one is home.

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Hausmate will help to wire up a TV network to deliver a high-quality visual experience in every room throughout the house. Hausmate can also provide 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound which is compatible with the rest of the whole house audio, to create an integrated cinema system.

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Whatever ventilation system chosen, Hausmate can help to control the airflow and quality throughout the house through monitoring the relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels. We are able to link in Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV), Passive Stack, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and Purge Ventilation depending on which strategy suits your project.

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Through Hausmate control and motorisation, large or hard-to-reach windows become easier to manage. The system can close all vulnerable windows which are left open when no one is in the house, or whenever the security alarm is set. Hausmate can close windows if it starts to rain, or if the temperature in the room drops below set levels.

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