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Hausmate Building Intelligence can help to make properties more attractive to renters, differentiate properties from others on the market and make maintenance simple and hassle free. Buildings should just work and tenants are looking for minimum involvement in the maintenance and running of the building. It should be well designed and easy control, simple heating in winter and no overheating in summer.

Maintenance made easy

Hausmate’s constant monitoring of services flags up small issues so they don’t become big problems. Less interruptions for the tenants, and less cost to you. Maintaining buildings and properties can be expensive and avoiding any unexpected costs is the aim.

Tenants can cause issues in buildings by taking actions inadvertently that are not in the interest of them or the building owner eg; blocking vents in an attempt to reduce drafts leads to condensation and mould in rooms as well as producing potentially unhealthy living conditions for the tenant.

Although good design will help to mitigate certain issues, installing Hausmate can preempt any maintenance issues, and move repairs from being reactive to proactive. This not only saves costs but increases lifespans of equipment and assets.

Easy to rent

Differentiate your property from the competition. Making a property or unit as attractive as possible for your specific rental market will ensure that there are as few voids possible in a portfolio. Depending on the market sector that landlords are trying to attract, smart home technology can be scaled to be appropriate to all levels. All building will benefit from reduced and proactive maintenance. Inclusive bills are attractive to many tenants. For the lucky fewa high specification building can integrate Hausmate security, whole house audio, spas or swimming pools

Inclusive bills

More than 70% of students say rent inclusive of bills is important to them. So as a landlord not only does this make your property easier to market but also the possibility of increased revenue.
However as a landlord you have to be confident you are not going to have run-away bills as the tenants turn the heating up full and open all the windows. Hausmate will monitor the property and has a host of tools to prevent runaway costs; such as turning off the heating when windows are open, or turn down heating when there is no one in occupancy.

Safe and secure

Survey after survey shows that tenants want to feel safe and secure in their home. Integrate entry system Include keypads, burglar intruder alarms and backed up CCTV into a property for tenant peace of mind

Protect your capital

Walls running with condensation, mould growth across bathroom ceiling? Tenants can inadvertently damage the property as they don’t understand the need to heat and ventilate buildings. Hausmate will allow early intervention, preventing bigger problems. Keeping track of equipment such as fire extinguishers, logbooks and other assets requires regular maintenance. Hausmate will send alerts and reminders as to when these are required and will also inform tenants of these required visits. This is not only more efficient but also less time consuming for both tenant and landlord.

Multi-unit Invoicing

Communal heating systems are cheaper to install and run and more efficient than separate system in each apartment. Hausmate can both meter and provide separate utility bills to your tenants when communal heating systems are in use. Hausmate control of this type of heating for properties with multiple units makes accurate billing as easy and simple as possible. Having this ability to separate out bills is a time and cost saving for landlords.

No more keys

Simplify building entry using alternatives to keys. Hausmate integrates alternative entry mechanisms such as PIN codes to reduce call outs to give tenant access when keys are lost. This is not only more convenient for the tenant, but simplifies access to properties for maintenance and management staff. Many landlords own multiple units, buildings or properties, and the management of keys quickly becomes onerous. Installing simple keypads or more advanced near field communications technology on smartphones can negate this, allowing entry to buildings and units without keys.

Must Haves

For many tenants a show stopper is internet and TV. Hausmate designed wifi and TV amplification and distribution will ensure that tenants needs are met. One of the top questions many letting agents are now asked by tenants is “does the property have Broadband facilities, has it got Internet access?”. Many also satellite or cable TV. These services are becoming essential to tenants, and smart home technology is following. Smart technology that makes a property more efficient, secure as well as fun and entertaining is a great way to attract high value tenants.


Landlords have many specific requirements of a property, most importantly that it is easy to maintain, quick to rent and is profitable.