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Case study
Affordable smart home

A 3-bedroom former local authority property built in the 1970’s needed total refurbishment, from walls and ceilings to plumbing and electrics.

The client chose Hausmate to install an unobtrusive, integrated smart home system that worked seamlessly, and didn’t impinge on the fabric of the building.

We prepared wiring schedules for the client’s chosen electrician, which meant that the Hausmate smart home system could be installed very simply, along with lighting spurs and the rest of the electric circuits as the refurbishment project progressed.

“Hausmate has given me a smart, responsive home which is still revealing new possibilities. For example it was easy to use my overhead bedroom light as a very effective morning alarm, but equally at night I set the corridor lighting level so you don’t get dazzled when you go to the loo. None of my visitors ever know there’s anything unusual about the way the house works unless I happen to tell them — then they all want to know more!”

Customer requirements

  • With space at a premium, the client wanted unobtrusive, integrated smart home technology to control heating and lighting.
  • The installation had to make no unusual demands on layout or the fabric of the building.
  • The client was keen that the automation technology was hassle-free, with regular updates of new apps and software.