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Multiple lighting scenes and whole house audio systems are becoming a normal part of homes. Hard-to-reach rooflights are now motorised. The trend of including more electrically-operated devices in the home is not going to stop. Buildings with numerous devices often become practically unworkable, with numerous unconnected controls. In contrast, Hausmate will control the whole building with an easy to use, ergonomic control system your customers will love.

Affordable control

A Hausmate installation need not cost any more than the separate systems (heating, lights, security, ventilation etc) it replaces. All the complexity of the installation is moved into software and Hausmate provide all the necessary drawings, wiring schedule and cable labels meaning the installation is often far simpler than traditional wiring. This ensures all the work can be completed by your own electricians.

Better returns for property investors

Satisfied tenants will increase the landlord’s profit by reducing the time and costs associated with managing their properties. Hausmate can help in many ways: allowing the remote monitoring of the building; measuring air quality to ensure proper ventilation; reporting pressure drop on heating system prior to failure, or a rise in humidity under a shower tray which could indicate a leak; and so on. Management cost can also be reduced by using pin entry instead of keys, or measuring noise levels of antisocial tenants.

Hausmate is enabling a number of innovations in this sector such as the inclusion of bills in the rent, which is popular with tenants as it give certainty of costs and a new income stream to landlords, or reducing the exposure of landlords to building performance gap (this is when completed buildings do not perform to level anticipated at the design stage). Please contact us if you want more information on this.

Tune up non-residential property

Reducing both energy consumption and the volume of day-to-day building management can in turn reduce the total cost of ownership.

However, any system installed needs to be easy enough for the on-site maintenance staff to understand. Hausmate is simple to use. Unlike many building management systems, the user interface has been designed for end clients and so is simple to navigate for everyday tasks, and powerful enough to allow bespoke responses to be set up. System control is available both locally and remotely.

Hausmate installation is easy, requiring no bespoke programming and no specialist contractors on site. So the system installation cost is a fraction of comparable alternatives.

In use, Hausmate can deliver efficiency improvements in properties that are intermittently occupied or have a variety of uses that need different heating or lighting, because it is easy to timetable changes to the heating requirements precisely.

Hausmate gives your projects the advantage of automation without inflating the costs.

Hausmate gives your projects the advantage of automation without inflating the costs