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DMX Gateway

The DMX Gateway connects Hausmate to DMX power control units around the house. DMX is a digital electronics communication standard originally designed to control theatre lighting. Its applications are now broader; for example we use domestic control units to control heating valves as well as lighting circuits.

The DMX Gateway has a single connection on the device side. The gateway software converts messages from the Host into valid messages and sends these to the DMX units in the property. We use lighting units that have RJ45 cable connectors to simplify termination.

Each DMX unit contains a set of controlled power outputs. These are referred to a ‘channels’. A single lighting circuit (for example, all the ceiling lights in a room) requires a single channel, and all are controlled independently to provide power up to the maximum available to the unit. Common DMX units contain eight or 16 channels, so powering the same number of lighting circuits.

What is a Hausmate Gateway?

Gateways are simple, low-power devices built on the popular Arduino platform that provide the ‘translation’ between these differing inputs and outputs and the Hausmate Host. Gateways are usually located out of the way in cupboards, utility rooms, or the basement.

On the Host side, each gateway communicates with a single CAT5 format Ethernet link. This link is also used to power the gateway’s own CPU and outputs. Each Gateway is connected to a network dedicated to Hausmate traffic through a switch providing it with power over Ethernet.

On the device side, the connections are also made using CAT5 cabling but the format of the information passing through each socket depends on the device at the far end.

Hausmate’s ethernet gateways between DMX lighting units and the Hausamte host – intelligence manufactured in GB