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Entry systems are key to your peace of mind whether you are home or away from your property. Hausmate provide integration for smart control of all types of entry systems for access to doors, garages, gates as well as intercoms and CCTV systems.

Gates, doors and garages Whether you’ve been out walking or running, or you’re arriving home by car, Hausmate makes it easy for you to open secure gates or door locks. All you need to do is key in a code on your mobile to gain access. After dark, you can set the Hausmate entry system to light up the drive and the porch, and perhaps illuminate and open a garage, as soon as the gates start to open.

Intercoms When you’re at home, Hausmate can ring a doorbell inside or outside to catch you by the pool or absorbed in the garden, and when you’re out the intercom can be diverted to your mobile; either way, you can easily unlock a door or open gates to let your visitors in.

CCTV Knowing who is at the door gives you better security and is also a real convenience. Hausmate can link into your CCTV system and alert you when you are away from home if a visitor calls, or if the postman needs to drop off a parcel. Images from your CCTV appear on your Hausmate App so can be accessed quickly and easily when you are home or away.

Secure control over access and entry to your home. Whether at home or away, monitor and manage access to your home – no more parcels having to be collected from the depot.