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The Haze

Simple control for everyone

The Haze is unique to Hausmate. While it looks and feels like a standard lighting dimmer switch, it is much more. A wall-mounted multi-function interface, it can be used to open and close, position, or adjust volume, as well as fading lights up and down as a normal dimmer.

The Haze has an illuminated collar which changes colour to show which service it is controlling. Press and hold the Haze button, wait until the collar is blue (for audio), release the button, and you can pause and play a track with a further short press or adjust the volume with a twist.

You can set up a Haze to give real-time visual signals. The collar of a Haze can be configured to flash or glow in different colours. For example, if windows are left open it could flash red, if the children’s lights are still on after 10pm it could flash green.

A Haze looks exactly the same as any normal dimmer switch so there are no difficulties when visitors, babysitters or technophobes come over. A Haze in normal mode has exactly the same effect as a normal lighting dimmer switch, so anyone can use one to operate the lights even if they are totally unfamiliar with the Hausmate system.

Physical properties

A Haze consists of a combined rotary digital encoder and switch, a diffuser, and a a small circuit board. As standard it is supplied mounted on a white plastic face plate to the British standard for single gang light switches.

Each Haze is connected to a Zone Gateway using a single CAT-5 cable terminated at both ends with an RJ45 plug. It can be mounted on standard blank lighting face plates of plastic or metal finishes such as brushed steel, brass or aluminium.

black switch side cropped     Gold switch side cropped

Hausmate’s patented lightswitch. Deceptively simple two-way control interface – allows you to open blinds, control music and changing lighting scenes, as well as giving you feedback from the house using coloured lights – all using a switch we all recognise and are familiar with.