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Fast response heating (radiant heaters)

Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters use either electrical or water-heated panels or infrared lights. This radiant energy turns into heat when it comes into contact with solid objects. They use the same energy as the sun which feels warm even on a cold winter day. An advantage of radiant heating is that the same level of comfort can be achieved with the room at a lower temperature, than it would need to be in a conventionally heated building.

Fan-assisted radiators

Fan-assisted radiators can also act as fast response heaters when specified correctly. They are heated either by electricity or by water. The water-heated radiators use a lower volume of water. In addition, heating convection is assisted with a fan so both heat-up and cool-down times are much shorter. Warm air can be directed at body height so that occupants feel warmer sooner.

Fast-response heaters are used in intermittently occupied areas and hard to heat properties (such as factories, churches, climbing walls or other buildings with high ceilings). They benefit from an almost instant cooling period (unlike high thermal mass heating systems like underfloor heating). This can be an advantage in buildings that are prone to overheating. On a Spring day heating will be needed during the overcast morning but as soon as the Sun comes out heating is no longer required. ‘Traditional’ heating systems have too great a thermal lag which continues to heat the room after the heat source is switched off.

Control of fast response heating

Occupancy and thermostat

Hausmate uses Occupancy as the primary control method for radiant heaters. A thermostat is used as a secondary method of control, and only then if the heating has been on long enough to warm up the building fabric (and consequently the air in the room) to the set point temperature.

Humidity reduction

Hausmate can use fast response heating combined with the correct ventilation strategy to reduce humidity.

Hausmate App

As with all other Hausmate products, smart control of these radiant and other fast response heaters is available via any internet enabled device.

Radiant heaters, and some fan assisted heaters, can have much shorter response times than underfloor heating or traditional radiators. Such heaters warm people rather than warming the building. In some buildings this approach may give greater comfort and enhanced energy savings