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Medium response heating (radiators)

Radiators allow rooms to warm up quickly. They are appropriate for areas in buildings with intermittent occupation or where different heating patterns are needed.

Radiators (known in the trade as ‘rads’) come in many different styles, including  panels, convectors and towel rails. Prices range from the modest to the outlandish. Water based radiator outputs are normally sized using a flow temperature of 75° C assuming a temperature drop of 10° C. When using heat pumps, which run at a lower temperature, the radiators must be oversized to give the correct heat output. As an alternative a fan-assisted radiator can be used. These radiators can increase efficiency, reduce heating response times and reduce the size of the radiator panel required.

Control of medium-response heating

Sensor unit and Planner

The Hausmate Sensor unit  and the Hausmate Planner are used to control radiator heating. The temperature desired and the periods of heating can be set room by room.


Hausmate also features a boost for each room’s heating. This might provide a one-off period of heating in a normally unheated room, or allow you to make a temporary increase in a room’s temperature for an especially cosy evening.


Humidity levels can be used to control medium-response heating. Together with the correct ventilation strategy this helps to prevent mould growth in wet or poorly insulated rooms where condensation tends to form.

Warm towels

In bathrooms, Hausmate will heat towel rails in response to the spike in humidity levels when the shower or bath is run. This means a nice warm towel when you’ve finished washing, plus the rail can stay on for a period afterwards to ensure the towel is dried.


Hausmate can review the heating in zones against the occupancy. If unoccupied rooms are being frequently or continually heated then Hausmate can reveal the trend, and heating in these rooms can be turned off. These changes can be applied to the Planner. This reduces the time the heating is on saving money and reducing emissions.

Hausmate App

Remote access to heating control is available on all Hausmate systems. There is no need to be at home if you want to check or change the heating. Control of all Hausmate products is available via any internet enabled device.

Traditional radiators work mostly on the basis of convection. They warm the air in the room which in turn warms the occupants. Radiators are either heated electrically or using hot water