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Slow response heating (underfloor)

Underfloor heating

Rooms with underfloor heating systems (UFH) take longer to warm up and cool down than rooms with panel radiator systems. The exact warm-up time of UFH will depend on how it is installed and the floor construction and materials of each room. The slowest to warm up are those with the system in a concrete screed and a carpet on top.

UFH is not the best system for all properties, particularly those with a high heat loss, as the flow temperatures required may be too great to run in the floor. Please talk to us if you want more information.

Control of slow response heating

Hausmate Planner

Due to its long warm up times, underfloor heating systems can be less controllable than faster heating emitters. UFH is controlled using the Hausmate Planner, with a thermostat-monitored temperature set-point, on a room by room basis.


Hausmate can review underfloor heating use against occupancy. If unoccupied rooms are being continually heated, Hausmate can reveal the trend, and suggest that the heating in these rooms is turned down or off. These changes to the system can be stored in Hausmate Planner and will help improve the building’s efficiency.

Warm floors

Everyone likes to have a warm floor in the morning. Hausmate can control UFH to come on at set times every day regardless of the temperature of the room. This is particularly appropriate in tiled bathrooms — coziness guaranteed.

Humidity reduction

Using underfloor heating together with the correct ventilation will help to control humidity levels. Reduced humidity will prevent mould growth in a building using humidity as as well as temperature as a trigger for heating.

Hausmate App

Remote access to underfloor heating control is available on all Hausmate systems allowing for control and monitoring of your system when you are away from the building. As with all other Hausmate products, control is available via any internet enabled device.

Underfloor heating may have a long warm up time depending on how it is installed and the floor construction and covering in each room. So underfloor heating is controlled differently to other heating emitters such as radiators or radiant heaters