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Hot water

Hot water basics Domestic water is typically distributed at 50°. However regulations require domestic stored hot water to be brought to 60° once a week to minimise the risk of Legionellas. Hausmate controls this, ensuring the minimum energy use in heating of water yet ensuring full compliance. Commercial buildings need to store water at 60°. Hausmate can ensure compliance and notify maintenance staff via MessageMe if there is a drop in temperature.

Hot water Distribution Larger domestic and commercial buildings typically have a secondary circulation circuit. This is a circuit that leaves the hot water cylinder and travels close to all outlets and back to the cylinder. This is typically pumped using the secondary circulation pump (often known as a bronze pump). The purpose is to ensure that if never takes more that a few seconds to have hot water at any tap. However, this has 2 issues; it is very wasteful of energy as it is constantly circulating the heated water around the pipes, losing energy and requiring the heating to fire up and re-heat the water tank. In low energy buildings it is adding energy into a building that may already have an overheating issues. Hausmate can reduce the amount of time the secondary circulation is used by linking it to occupancy. This ensures hot water is always available but the pump runs for the minimum amount of time, minimising energy loss into the building.

Heating Hot water Modern buildings have much lower heat losses than pre-existing traditional properties. Consequently the amount of energy required to heat the building has dropped. Whereas previously, the heating of water was a secondary consideration, in low energy buildings it can be the biggest use of energy. Hausmate is at the forefront of employing strategies to use alternative heat sources to heat hot water. These are solar thermal and solar photo-voltaic, boiler stoves (log burners with a ‘back-boiler’) and micro heat pumps which use the heat from damp/smelly extracted air to heat water. These can be used independently or combined to cover all the seasons hot water requirements. For example, a boiler stove for winter combined with solar thermal for summer (and also provides a winter pre-heat).

Hausmate provide optimal control and distribution of stored hot water, lowering your bills and reducing the environmental impact of your home. In modern low energy buildings the requirement for heating is reduced, and the focus for energy reduction moves to hot water. Hausmate manages stored hot water systems to reduce the energy consumption and ensure potable water.