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MessageMe alerts

MessageMe is the Hausmate feedback and alerts tool. It comes as standard with every Hausmate system. It is easily configured so that you can receive text messages or phone calls about any part of your smart home system. Maintenance issues such as leaks under baths or shower trays can be flagged up before ceilings are damaged. Fire and security systems can initiate a phone call if they are set off.

MessageMe stores details for multiple contacts so alerts can be sent to you, to another occupier or to a managing agent as required.

Alerts can be sent to different destinations using MessageMe according to the importance of the alert. There are three levels of importance (emergency, alert and information), so it is simple to specify how each contact should receive messages at each level. For example, you might want an email when the heating system has lost pressure but a SMS text message if the fire alarm is triggered while the building is unoccupied.

MessageMe extends our Responses product. While Responses monitor the house, MessageMe extends this to provide a way to get alerts to you immediately using SMS or email. Alerts are sent from your property to wherever you are, feedback and messages from your house to you with security, maintenance and occupancy alerts sent via email or SMS.