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Monitoring energy and environmental performance

Environmental monitoring Hausmate is based on a network of sensors, each of which sends and collects data. This data can be used to monitor the environmental performance of a building. The standard Hausmate Sensor unit mounted on the ceiling includes a thermopile (temperature), humidity, ambient light, PIR (occupancy) and optional CO2 sensors. The thermopile measures both the ‘ambient’ temperature (at the sensors location) and a remote ‘object’ temperature (via infrared). This data is sometimes not enough, so CO2 and VOC sensors can also be added into the units so that air quality can be measured as well.

Energy monitoring Hausmate are experts in monitoring energy usage and can track electrical and gas consumption data. Electrical uses a ‘clamp ammeter’ onto the electrical cables you want to collect information from.

Charting The Hausmate charting product provides the user with a means of viewing historical data that has been data logged a Hausmate system. It is possible to chart any data that has been logged, on the same chart at the same time. The charts can include up to 10 traces simultaneously. This is an important tool for system testing and evaluation as well as for user interest in seeing trends that may be occurring. As standard, the charts will show the last 2 weeks values, but is capable of zooming in and out on any data time frame range from 1 hour to 12 months.

Providing end users with the appropriate data and control, the Hausmate system runs a building more efficiently than conventional controllers can. Founded on a backbone of sensors and inputs, Hausmate uses building data to choose more environmental and economic way to manage a property.