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Multi-room audio

In order to setup a multi-room audio system you need three components: a digital to analog converter (DAC), amplifier (AMP) and speakers.

Control The Haze gives easy control of audio volume. Press and hold to select audio mode, then twist to adjust the volume. Pause and play a track with a short press and twist and hold to skip tracks.

Flow Let sound flow through your home, with a different performance in each room. Upstairs, younger children can listen to their favourite bedtime stories and teenagers can enjoy their playlist as you catch up on the day’s news in the living room.
Organise Unite your music collection in a single library and stream tracks from online music sources. Declutter your home. No more CDs gathering dust on the shelves, and all your music and playlists are stored and can be easily accessed when you want them.

Party Using a mobile device or PC, you can easily manage your playlists and create your ‘party mode’. Playback is synchronised perfectly in the rooms you choose, to create the seamless musical backdrop to a great event.

Collaborate Being part of a smart control system has its advantages. You have the ability to link the audio in with curtains & blinds and lighting to create your perfect setting.

Hausmate offers a fully wired multi-room audio system, which produces fantastic sound quality and is affordable. Each project is unique which is why we offer a wide range of DACs, amps and speakers, tailored to perfectly fit in your smart home and give you the best audio experience. For the full breakdown of multi-room audio systems, check out our blogs. These will give you more insightful information on all of the systems, how they work and how they compare against each other.

Hausmate offers simple to integrate, multi-room audio solutions for domestic and commercial buildings. Multi-room audio is the ability to play music in several rooms simultaneously. Depending on the system you choose, you’ll be able to play different music in different rooms at the same time, or the same music in all rooms, or any combination of the two.