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Smart control using occupancy

A ceiling sensor unit including PIR sensors is generally installed in each room to monitor occupancy. In some properties, CO2 sensors are also installed. These and other sensors like a CCTV camera can be used to determine which parts of a building are occupied at any point.

Occupancy information can be a shared with any other Hausmate controlled building service that wants to know the current room state. In lighting this information can be used to switch on and off lights when you enter a bathroom at night. Depending on the heating system installed this information may be used to turn a radiant heater on or off, or to update the planners setting if rooms are being heated which are rarely occupied. See Radiant and fast response Heaters page for more information.

Occupancy can be used as a basis for differing behaviours for different areas in a building. Occupancy in corridors after 11pm can be used to switch on low level lights. It can be linked to extractor fans in bathrooms so that when someone enters, not only do lights come on, but the ventilation does too. In offices or homes, lights can be set to come on automatically when the ambient light falls below an acceptable level, and can be set to only come on after office hours if someone enters the room.

Of course occupancy can be used to trigger security alarm in the event of an intruder from Hausmate Security. It is easy to set Hausmate MessageMe to notify of any unexpected visitors. This information can also be viewed on the Hausmate Home screen on the UI will show which rooms are occupied. Rooms that are occupied will appear highlighted on the Home screen so at a glance you can see which rooms are in use.

Core to a smart building is understand when rooms are occupied. This information can be used by a range of other Hausmate linked products to turn off lights, turn on heating or set off an alarm. Hausmate has PIR (passive infrared sensors) in the Hausmate ceiling sensor unit which detect occupancy.