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Comprehensive online Planner

Hausmate Profiles bring together the behaviour for a particular pattern of life. For example, school days might mean everyone wants to get through the bathroom before 7.30 and then the house is empty until after 3pm; weekends might mean everyone spends time in the kitchen all day so it should be kept warm. These two examples can be set up as Profiles on the Planner, and can combine multiple products, heating set points on a timeline, lighting automation set on ambient light or occupancy at different times of day.

Set up a profile for each of these two patterns, allocate them across the calendar and Hausmate knows everything it needs to know to keep everyone warm when you’re at home. With a clear and spacious view, it is easy to add extra detail helping you to exploit the Hausmate’s abilities as much as you wish. For example, you might heat the bathroom from 6.30 to 7.30 in the morning, but keep a towel rail warm from 6am until 8.30 when it will help dry out the used towels.

But the Planner is about everything in the house, not just the heating. Set up an occupancy-activated low lighting scene in corridors and use the Planner to apply that scene during the night so that you are not dazzled if you get up in the night.

A profile can be set up describing the daily garden watering programme for each flowerbed that suits the plants’ seasonal needs, and then allocate them across several months of the calendar.

Seasons can be defined for an outdoor pool, running daily filtering and sterilisation, and if the weather forecast looks warm enough for swimming, mark the coming days so the pool water heating is brought up to a comfortable temperature.

For most people, life is a set of daily, weekly or seasonal patterns built around families, careers, schools and free time. The Hausmate Planner lets you describe the way you want the house to be as each of these patterns plays out.