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Pool control

Heating Heating can be sourced from solar panels or your boiler, and Hausmate pool control will tell you if the boiler is needed as well as the solar energy.

Circulation pump The swimming pool pump can also be controlled, keeping water properly filtered whenever the pool is in use. To ensure it is on for a minimum time each day to keep the water properly filtered. The pump can also run for longer periods during cleaning or heating the pool.

Seasonal control The ‘pool season’ is the part of the year when you want the pool to be kept on stand-by so it is available whenever the weather’s good. The ‘season’ is marked on the Hausmate Planner and set the water temperature in the Pool user interface.

Frost guard When the water reaches a minimum temperature which is can be chosen to suit the local climate, Hausmate can send an alert via MessageMe and start the pool pump to keep the water moving. This ensures that there is no damage to the pool and its equipment through freezing.

Sterilisation Reducing dependence on hazardous chemicals, UV light sterilisation is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of disinfecting your pool. Hausmate tracks the pump’s daily use and will switch on the UV light bulb to ensure that a sufficient volume of water receives exposure for each day during the season. Hausmate also logs the use of the UV bulb and can alert you when a new bulb is needed.

Convenient All pool controls can be seen on the Hausmate App so users can quickly see on a cold day that the frost guard is on, or that the water is at the perfect temperature for a quick dip.

Hausmate provides convenient swimming pool and spa water heating and cleaning control. Hausmate smart control of your pool, allows for automation of heating, filtering and sterilisation in a single package. A pool need not be difficult or expensive to manage, all these elements can be simply managed by our comprehensive Pool control via the Hausmate user interface.