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Remote access

Remote access allows you to open gates to let in the postman with a parcel, or turn on your heating if you are unexpectedly coming home a day early or boost the set point on a particularly cold day.

It also allows for remote monitoring of the performance of a building. Management of commercial buildings can be done off site. Tweaks and changes can be made to the running of Hausmate from the office without bothering the building users. In fact anything you can do on the Hausmate user interface from within the property, can be done remotely.

Hausmate is a technology company and as such, we take data security very seriously. Hausmate hardware communicates over a dedicated and physically separate ethernet network which we call the ‘Hausmate Area Network’ (HAN), to distinguish it from the normal ‘Local Area Network’ (LAN) . The separation is necessary because home networks, which are directly connected to the internet and to smartphones, PCs and appliances, are difficult to secure. The Hausmate Host computer is the only item connected both to the HAN and to the LAN. To protect it, the Host computer itself has very limited connectivity and is protected by industry standard firewalls.

The Hausmate User Interface can be accessed from inside or outside a property. Remote access, the ability to monitor and interact with Hausmate is one of our cloud services. This ensures that wherever you are in the country, or even the world, you can still check on the building.