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Security for your home and family

Peace of mind  When you leave the building Hausmate Smart home automation really comes into its own with home security. The Hausmate Security is easy to set up and is constantly collecting information. This can be accessed using the User Interface where occupancy is tracked, or via MessageMe which communicates when an alarm is triggered. Everyone should feel safe at home, and Hausmate can help to increase your peace of mind.

Fire and intruder alarms When a fire alarm goes off, Hausmate can open gates to allow firefighters in; if you’re away from home it can send you a notification by MessageMe. You can also configure your system to have a secure mode in which lights are turned off, windows closed and doors locked so you have peace of mind when you are away from home. Similarly, your security system can be set up so that if it detects an intruder it can respond to that by flashing lights or sending alerts via MessageMe.

CCTV  Hausmate can link into a CCTV system so you can see who’s at the door, whether you are at home or not. This gives the flexibility to keep an eye on the property, both at the doors or gates, but anywhere around the perimeter.

Additional security sensors  Hausmate offer multiple additional sensors that can be seamlessly integrated into a security system. This includes break glass sensors, break beam sensors and many more.

Integrate fire and intruder alarms for convenience and peace of mind. Hausmate offer smart control of your home’s security features including keeping you informed when you are away from home.