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As well as encompassing the orientation and layouts of the building, successful building design needs to select the correct building fabrics and specify appropriate building services and associated controls.

We have found that often building services are incorrectly specified that will not work correctly due to either the building properties or with other services.

As a smart building control business Hausmate are experts in construction and have a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of building services and have no ties to any particular product or brand. Hausmate has experience of working with both new build and refurbishment as well as both housing and commercial properties.

Hausmate offers a free impartial building services review discussing heating & ventilation, lighting, security, entertainment and communications options for your project. Your review will be sent to you as a video where you can see your plans and our Hausmate expert discussing your project. Please complete the form below and provide us with building drawings and SAP calculations if available.

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Construction is challenging. Buildings have become more complex due to increased regulations and changing lifestyles. To ensure a successful outcome it is necessary to be clear on the buildings specification, provide high quality design and have good workmanship on site.