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Hausmate Electrical Design

The Hausmate Electrical Design documents everything from where the services enter the building and ensures that Hausmate will integrate fully with all services that are specified. The documentation that will be provided will ensure that your builder or electrician will have all the information they need to complete a Hausmate installation, and that the project manager can easily supervise the installation.

Costs for Hausmate Electrical Designs start at £500 (excl VAT) and include;

  • Full set of electrical plans. Each building floor typically split into 3 levels to ensure clarity.
  • Full wiring pulling schedules by room
  • Electrical Equipment Schedule (eg. all cables to a fusebox)
  • Cable labels
  • Installer manual.
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Once a quote has been provided, then next step is to produce a full Hausmate Electrical Design. This takes all the information from the quote, all products and wiring requirements, and provides a comprehensive set of electrical schedules.