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If required a member of the Hausmate team can come to site at the beginning of the project to ensure that everything is in place and again at the end of the installation when handing over the system to the customer. In between times telephone support is available if needed.

Simple installation

Hausmate is designed to be simple to install by any qualified electrician. For example:

  • we use standard wiring and terminations
  • our hardware is interconnected in a star configuration
  • signal and control cables use Cat 5 cable and are terminated with RJ45 connectors, enabling easy testing of cables prior to building finishing
  • mains voltage cabling uses appropriate termination and is separated from signal and control, and can easily tested by any Part P qualified electrician
  • lights and heating can be cabled and operational while finishing work on site completes
  • all components are delivered to site and software is pre-installed so second fix is a plug and play operation.

All this means that there is no need for any specialists contractors, any qualified electrician can install the system, and our team are always on hand to offer advice where needed.

Comprehensive site pack

We provide each installation with a full site pack containing not only all the hardware, but all installation support documentation that is needed for a smooth and hassle-free job.

On-site complexity and confusion is removed as the outputs include everything that is required for installation. Each site pack contains:

  • a full set of drawings
  • Hausmate hardware with software pre-installed
  • a wiring schedule for each room
  • cable and equipment labels to ensure easy installation.

Hausmate is designed to be installed by any qualified electrician. It uses all standard cables and terminations, there is no tricky configuration required and the site pack provides all the information your site team need. The only real difference is that many cables are star wired as opposed to ring circuits in traditional wiring.