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We offer dedicated telephone lines for sales support covering all the automation and control services that we offer and another for customers who have queries about an existing system.

Sales support

Help with quotes, product advice and finance queries

01865 920101

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Site support

Assistance during your installation. Any help with queries from your installer or electrician about all aspects of Hausmate installation

01865 920101

Customer support

Help with your Hausmate system, top tips, simple solutions and how to add more great functionality.

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All Hausmate installations come with an initial standard 1 year full warranty. Once the first year warranty has expired, you have the choice to opt to continue with the Standard cover, upgrade to the gold cover.

The Hausmate team are here to help and support all our customers from the moment they first get in touch. We believe in great customer service, and are always on hand to offer advice or help to all our customers.