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Hausmate Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting and the environment With Hausmate lights can be set to come on at reduced power, saving energy. Running around your home dimming down and switching off lights in unoccupied rooms can become a thing of the past. No more lighting rooms just because nobody remembered to turn off the light – all these little annoyances gone. Lights can be set to work on occupancy. The lights will switch on when you enter a room and will switch themselves off after you leave, yet will not leave you in the dark if you are curled up with a book.

Blinds and curtains can be used to reduce the amount of sunlight, and therefore heat coming into a room. This is referred to as passive cooling: the lowest-energy climate control system possible. For more details see our Shading page.

Smart Lighting and safety Hausmate uses occupancy detection to light garages, porches and hallways. This is great for a cheerful welcome, and no fumbling in the dark for switches. PIR sensors are linked to the ambient light sensor in the Hausmate External Sensor Unit. Lights are then not switched on when it is already light enough to see. Linking lights to smoke or heat detectors so that they come on if there is a fire alarm is simple to set up providing a safe route to the exits. The property can also be put into occupancy simulation, which switches lighting on and off in the evening. At night, corridor lighting can be simply configured to fade up just enough to light the way to the bathroom or the bedroom.

Smart Lighting for fun Lighting does not always have to be functional, but can help to make your home more enjoyable. Creating external lighting schemes for paths, patios and driveways and using multi-colour LEDs for a dramatic dimension are all easily achieved with Hausmate. Hausmate lighting configuration is controlled using presets known as Scenes. When you are in your kitchen/dinner entertaining, uplights and table lights are used, sitting down to a meal uses lighting over the table, and cleaning up afterwards use all lights on full power. All lighting scenes can be controlled using either the Hausmate Haze, Hausmate App, Hausmate Planner or regular switches.

Handle excess daylight Hausmate can help to reduce fabric bleaching from sunny windows by closing your blinds automatically. Blinds and curtains can also be employed as part of a ventilation strategy to reduce overheating.

Commercial smart lighting

Commercial lighting Lighting presets are not just for domestic properties. They can be particularly effective in areas and rooms that are being used by groups of people who have different requirements. At Hausmate these are referred to as setting ‘behaviours’. A community hall is used by the bridge club who want the heating set at a high temperature and the lighting on full power. Then the Yoga group come in and want the temperature down and the lights dimmed. Finally, the Scouts use the hall and the temperature is dropped and the lights turned up.

In addition, as ambient lights sensors are standard in Hausmate, shading can be integrated to prevent glare and ensure light levels are always appropriate for each user.

Hausmate control gives simple and brilliant smart lighting that enhances your home and helps save you energy. We provide intelligent lighting solutions for both inside and outside your home. Smart lighting brings elegance, atmosphere, convenience and energy efficiency to your home or office. There are many ways to use lighting in a property; raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house in one touch; automate your lighting to respond to your presence with no touch at all; make your house appear occupied while you are away.