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The Host

What it does

The Host is the brains of the Hausmate system. It runs the Hausmate apps that control the way services in the house respond to changing conditions as time passes. The Host receives data from Hausmate Gateways and converts this into a real-time model of the state of the house: temperatures, light levels, humidity and occupation. It publishes every change to the apps so that they can initiate control instructions in response.

All the incoming data is also logged for later use by predictive apps.

The Host provides the physical interface by taking human input from the operation of light switches, Hazes and other input devices (which it receives as messages from Zone Gateways) and converting this into instructions. In the same way it takes input from controls on the web-based user interface and converts it similarly.

The Hausmate App provided by the Host is also the place where you can configure the house to run in the way you want.

Physical appearance

The Host is an x86 computer with low power consumption and a small footprint. It needs no screen, mouse or keyboard and connects to the Hausmate network (HAN) and the local area network (LAN) via CAT5 cabling. It is tucked away in an ‘equipment hub’: the cupboard where your internet router and other network equipment are installed.

The control centre of the Hausmate system – smart, small and reliable, and where the magic happens. Can be located in a discrete place, under the stairs, or in a cupboard.