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Hausmate TV The standard Hausmate offering gives exceptional 5.1 surround sound based on leading audio brand Sonos, and is compatible with the rest of the whole house audio. Hausmate also offers a convenient integrated video library storage solution – easy access to all the movies you love.

Multi-room video Hausmate offers our customers a multi-room TV and video solution that is both cost effective and more environmentally friendly while still offering great sound and pictures throughout the house. Our solution is not only a less expensive way to stream video and TV throughout your home, but it does not need large amounts of networking hardware. By distributing the video signal using a Distribution Unit usually located in the loft it not only saves money, but space too.

It will allow you to deliver superior sound, stunning video and an incredible entertainment experience in every room throughout the house. Share your entire movie library, streaming video and satellite channels in every room; consolidate all of your audio and video creating a clutter-free installation.

Hausmate Cinema Plus Imagine a home cinema where turning on the television also dims the lights, closes the curtains, and lowers the screen. Set the scene using our TV or multi-room video offering we can coordinate your curtains, lights and other Hausmate apps to create a fantastic cinema experience Рall in your living room.

Hausmate offers three entertainment solutions: standard TV, multi room video and bespoke home cinema. All offer high quality multi-room video streamed around your home.