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Hausmate App

Web based finely tuned control

Simply Hausmate In individual rooms, control is achieved with the Haze light switch and Hausmate provides feedback to users via MessageMe. In many buildings the occupiers may not, and need not, be aware there is a control system at all. To get the greatest benefit from a Hausmate system, the web-based user interface allows for simple bespoke configuration as well as control.

Instantaneous control Turn lights on and off. Adjust the temperature. Close a window. Open a gate. Conventional controls can be used anywhere in the house and every room is available directly from Hausmate’s App.

Automation Set up presets and scenes that reflect the way you use your home: a ‘Cooking’ scene might turn on under-cabinet lights in the kitchen/diner and a ‘Dinner’ scene might turn on the lights over the table instead.

Planning Automation comes into its own when you set up Hausmate to run the house without you having to interact with it. With the Planner, you bring the modes and scenes from your apps to life by placing them on Profiles which will activate and deactivate them according to a schedule you control.

Remote control The Hausmate App is visible via any web enabled device and is available anywhere in the world. At home or away, users can have control of all the system’s functionality. If the postman rings the doorbell while everyone is out, then remotely unlock the porch to let them drop off the parcel without leaving your desk. The Hausmate App runs on modern smartphones, laptops and desktops using a standard web browser.

Responses Hausmate have simplified the bespoke customisation of a whole house automation system allowing each client to manage their own property without any expensive software programming or fees. Using simple to use commands in ready made drag and drop blocks, it is possible to create bespoke responses relevant to your lifestyle or the building users needs. For more information see our Response product.

Monitoring  The sensor data collected each day provides valuable information that can be used to fine tune the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hausmate system and building. With Hausmate Monitoring it is possible to produce charts based on any of this data. The data can be analogue or digital, charts can be produced weekly or daily, all using the Hausmate App. For more information go to the Monitoring Page.

Hausmate is designed to run in the background. Most of the time you should not need to use the web enabled User Interface but when you do, it gives you complete control of a building though these simple screens. Hausmate is designed to be set up and left to control the building services in a property so that they run more efficiently and effectively.