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Shading with blinds and curtains

Save energy Reducing or eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning, blinds can help you keep rooms cool in summer by cutting down solar heat gain. In winter, sunlight from windows facing the sun provides a boost to temperatures in the room. Hausmate’s integrated control allows you to take advantage of both these potential energy savers.

Shade in Style Before watching a film, select a scene on the Haze to black out the room and dim the lights. Fed up with leaning over the sofa to close the blinds? Let Hausmate take the strain and automatically close the blinds at a pre-set time or light level.

Handling excess daylight Diffusing light and preventing glare is a requirement of employers to help to give people a healthy environment to work in. Controlling venetian or roller blinds can minimise glare and prevent washing out a computer or television screen while ensuring the maximum use of natural light. Hausmate has ambient light sensors as standard in the Hausmate Ceiling Sensor unit and can track light levels around a building and only shade areas in the sun. Increasing comfort while maximising the amount of natural light.

Scheduling the operation of curtains and and blinds is done with with the Hausmate Planner. Shading scenes can be linked to temperature, ambient light and the patterns of your daily life.

Hausmate’s holistic control of smart curtains and blinds, giving your home stylish solutions that save energy and look good. Hausmate can open and close shutters, curtains, blinds and awnings anywhere in your home.