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Simplicity Use the Hausmate to control your windows to keep cool even if they are out of reach. A convenient and simple solution, making life just that little bit easier. No longer are windows opened just to let in the breeze. Hausmate’s control not only means that large or hard-to-reach windows become easier to open but also makes them an active component.

Security The system can close all vulnerable windows whenever you leave the house, or whenever you set your security alarm. Using information from sensors, Hausmate can close your windows if it starts to rain, or if the temperature in the room drops below your defined levels, or if the outside temperature rises too much.

Ventilation  Purge ventilation is a requirement of Part F of the Building Regulations and stipulates the need for the rapid dilution and removal of high concentrations of pollutants from occasional activities like burning the toast. To comply, the opening must be capable of providing four air changes per hour in the room. This requirement is normally complied with by opening windows. Hausmate can also use this high volume air change to provide passive cooling. Please see Hausmate Ventilation page where this is covered in more detail.

Hausmate Passive cooling controls heat gain and heat dissipation in a building in order to improve the indoor thermal comfort with low or nil energy consumption. This is achieved using a combination of shading (see Shading section) and purge ventilation. Low energy buildings in particular can be prone to overheating in summer. Often this additional heat can be absorbed by the thermal mass of the building (typically brick walls or concrete floors). This is why a solidly built building can feel cooler than the surrounding air temperature on a summer day. However if this heat is not released over time the building will warm up. By passing high volumes of cooler (night time) air through the building, the heat can be released. Hausmate can control this cooling, either by creating cross ventilation by opening windows on either side of the building, or creating a passive stack. Passive stack ventilation occurs when Hausmate opens both high and low level vents or windows. The warmer air in the house will rise up and out of the window to be replaced by the cooler air coming in at a lower level. This will help cool the building. It is also possible to complement this passive cooling using active air conditioning.

Use our smart system to control your windows to keep cool even if they are out of reach. A convenient and simple solution, making life just that little bit easier. Automating windows, including roof lights is not just about ventilation, Hausmate control allows windows to become part of the security system, close them if it starts to rain, or open them if it gets too hot inside.