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Zone Gateway

The Hausmate Zone Gateway are Hausmate Gateways that collect raw digital and analogue inputs from sensors and switches. They can also provide digital and analogue outputs to control relays and drive LEDs to provide visual signals.

In a typical installation there will usually be one or two Zone Gateways per floor, and they can usually be located on the same floor as the devices they are connected to.

On the device side, a Zone Gateway has ten RJ45 sockets. Each socket is configured by the Host when the Zone Gateway boots up. The Host holds details of the connections of every pin in every socket and sends the appropriate configuration to the Zone Gateway. As soon as it is configured, the Zone Gateway starts sending data messages to the Host whenever there is a signal on any input pin. In turn, the Host sends an instruction message to the Zone Gateway whenever an app decides to change the setting of hardware attached to it.

Each Zone Gateway in an installation has a unique configuration. This reflects the inputs it monitors and the outputs that it controls.

What is a Hausmate Gateway?

In everyday use, Hausmate has to handle information presented in several different ways. It must provide power to sensors and accept digital and analogue signals calibrated at various voltages from the sensors. It must capture digital inputs from switches and rotary encoders. Hausmate must also directly operate signal lights, valves and actuators, and send control messages over third-party protocols.

Gateways are simple, low-power devices built on the popular Arduino platform that provide the ‘translation’ between these differing inputs and outputs and the Host. Gateways are usually located out of the way in cupboards, utility rooms, or the basement.

On the Host side, each gateway communicates with a single CAT5 format Ethernet link. This link is also used to power the gateway’s own CPU and outputs. Each Gateway is connected to a network dedicated to Hausmate traffic through a switch providing it with power over Ethernet.

On the device side, the connections are also made using CAT5 cabling but the format of the information passing through each socket depends on the device at the far end.

Our Zone Gateway allows signals and data to pass between rooms and the Host. There are usually 2 or 3 zone gateways located on each floor, and can be placed discretely in a cupboard so as not to disrupt your design.