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Hausmate: the perfect project partner

At Hausmate we understand that successful building projects are a combination of great design, the right building fabrics and joined-up building services.

The pressures of higher environmental standards, and end users’ increased demands for technology, are seeing more electronics entering the building. This can lead to a plethora of control systems which unfortunately end up making the building unusable.

Hausmate is dedicated to holistic control of all building services, in simple way, at an affordable price.

Built for BIM

We provide a library of Revit® files for download and use in your drawings. The library includes not only our own Hausmate hardware but all the hardware used in a typical installation.

Design support

Here at Hausmate we have a lot of experience in controlling a wide range of building services and in particular for low-energy buildings. But as all buildings need control, we are equally concerned with control of low-energy heat pumps or conventional boilers. Please talk to us if you want to discuss appropriate technology for your project from independent experts.


Hausmate offers continuous professional development (CPD) courses for interested architects and electrical contractors at our head offices in Oxford, where the system can be demonstrated as well. We can also arrange for a trainer to visit your premises.

Architects, mechanical and electrical engineers (‘M & Es’) and others involved in building specification will benefit from our experience in home automation systems.